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Nintendo Labo Robot Kit

With the Robot Kit you can create your own robot! This Bundle includes the Labo Robot Kit for the Nintendo Switch and also the Official Nintendo Labo Marker Set and Pencil Case!

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Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 02: Robot Kit

Nintendo Switch LABO Robot Kit - now there's a new way to play.


Introducing Nintendo Labo, a new line of interactive make, play and discover experiences designed to inspire creative minds and playful hearts alike.

Together with the Nintendo Switch console, the Nintendo Labo kits provide the tools and technology to make fun DIY creations, play games with your creations, and discover how Nintendo Switch technology shapes ideas into reality.

By assembling sheets of cardboard into a variety of shapes called Toy-Con, and combining them with Nintendo Switch, you can bring them to life!

Nintendo Labo lets anyone pick up and enjoy making, playing and discovering. With the Robot Kit you can create your own robot!

• MAKE: Build cardboard creations called “Toy-Con” step-by-step using interactive instructions on your Nintendo Switch.
• PLAY: Combine Toy-Con creations with Nintendo Switch to play in entirely new ways!
• DISCOVER: Uncover how each Toy-Con works as you put them together, then use your discoveries to invent new ways to play!
• Customise your Toy-Con creations with your own creative designs. Apply colours and stickers, modify the shape or create custom parts – whatever you want to do make it your own, one-of-a-kind accessory!

These items are included:

  • Nintendo Switch game card containing software for use with Robot Kit
  • Cardboard sheet x19
  • Cardstock sheet x4
  • Reflective sheet x1
  • String (orange) x2
  • String (blue) x2
  • Fabric strap (grey) 1x large, 1x medium, 2x small
  • Eyelet set (grey) x10
  • Eyelet set (orange) x2
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