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AVO+ On Ear Headphones Black

by AVO+

  • 20 – 20,000 Hz frequency response range
  • Talk hands-free with the integrated push-to-talk button
  • Integrated microphone


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AVO+ On Ear Heaphones Black

Coated with a matt coating, the device stands out with a distinguished timeless look. The manufacturer hasn't done in excess, and it's so much the better, since the object matches with all your outfits.

Avo has fitted the device two rods on each of the headphones, they fold in on themselves and allow you to carry the helmet in a bag.

The accessory boasts an excellent quality/price ratio. Avo has done everything possible to offer you a very good quality. With this model you're going to hear very clearly all of your playlists, the sound is clear and bass is well heard, ideal for those who wish to live with more intensity to the music.

A remote control is present, It enables you to win when it's a correspondent tries to contact you. The hands-free function is very convenient, everything is automatic, as soon as you receive a call the music will pause so you can discuss in calm and serenity.

A headphone with a modern, chic, and high performance you could ask for more ?

Compatible with:

  • 3,5mm cinch

For example:


  •  iPad 2/3/4
  •  iPad Air
  •  iPad Air 2
  •  iPad mini
  •  iPad mini 2/3
  •  iPhone 4/4s
  •  iPhone 5/5s
  •  iPhone 5c
  •  iPhone 6/6s
  •  iPhone 6/6s Plus


  •  Q 10
  •  Z10


  •  One
  •  One mini
  •  One X
  •  One XL


  •  G2
  •  Nexus 5
  •  Optimus G


  •  Lumia 1020
  •  Lumia 1520
  •  Lumia 625
  •  Lumia 820
  •  Lumia 900


  •  GALAXY MEGA 6.3
  •  Galaxy Note 3
  •  Galaxy Note II
  •  Galaxy S3
  •  Galaxy S3 Mini
  •  Galaxy S4
  •  Galaxy S4 mini
  •  Galaxy Tab 2 10,1


  •  Xperia E
  •  Xperia SP
  •  Xperia V
  •  Xperia Z
  •  Xperia Z Ultra
  •  Xperia Z1
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