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Leaked image of Samsung S8

Posted by Digital World on 05/01/2017


With this image that leaked on a chinese social media website, we now have first conformation of what the S8 will look like.

The gold version of the S8 shows the bezels we've seen on Galaxy edge phones in the past, these are incredibly thin running down the side of the phone, with no pychical buttons on the phone it is rumbered to have a finger print scanner inside the screen itself, which we think is a pretty cool idea.

It's likely the screen featured in the picture is bigger than the 5.5-inch display of the Galaxy S7 Edge, especially now there's no physical home button to contend with.

What is still unclear is if Samsung have followed Apples move of dropping the universal 3.5mm head phonejack, but it's rumored that they will be dropping it and replacing it with USB Type-C for audio and charging, but noting is confirmed untill we've seen the whole phone and not just a photo from the front.

It has been reported that Samsung wants to take its time with the development of the Galaxy S8 to ensure it doesn't suffer a similar fate to that of the Galaxy Note 7, which had to have all production halted due to several faulty units. So the release date is still a mystrey like a lot of things about this phone. 


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