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iPhone 7 prices leaked.

Posted by Digital World on 31/08/2016

That time of year is coming, the leaves start falling from the trees, it gets colder outside and Apple are gearing up for the announcement of the iPhone 7, on the 7th of September.

It’s no wonder leaks start to surface while the hype builds up, this latest leak points towards the pricing of the new handset, has shed some light on the 2 new handsets that should be coming out, these are the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus coming in three different storage sizes; 32, 128 and 256 gig. It seems that they have done away with the 64GB size, as well the standard 3.5mm stereo jack which means you will need Bluetooth headset or a new lighting sync head set,  which will leave a lot of users feeling left out and annoyed.

The least surprising thing coming out is the pricing on the handsets, with the higher specs looking to set you back a whopping $1180

iPhone 7 32GB – 5288 Yuan ($790 / €710 / Rs. 53,150) 128GB – 6088 Yuan ($910 / €817 / Rs. 61,200) 256GB – 7088 Yuan ($1060 / €950 / Rs. 71,250)

iPhone 7 Plus 32GB – 6088 Yuan ($910 / €817 / Rs. 61,200) 128GB – 6888 Yuan ($1030 / €925 / Rs. 69,200) 256GB – 7888 Yuan ($1180 / €1060 / Rs. 79,300)

Don’t take this a gospel as it’s still a rumour for now, expect all the official information on the 7th of September.


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