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Nokia acquires Withings

Posted by Kerrie P on 26/04/2016

 Nokia may not be back making phones just yet but the news it has acquired French connected health technology company Withings, shows they still very much want to make some cool, smart tech for us all. The deal values Withings at 170 million Euros and helps Nokia push into several tech markets including wearables and mobile health.


Withings will become part of Nokia Technologies, and when the deal is finalized later this year, will operate as part of a new Nokia Digital Health division. Withings co-founder and CEO Cedric Hutchings will lead the new unit, although there’s no confirmation whether the Withings name will be joined by Nokia’s on future products

Since selling its mobile division to Microsoft, Nokia has dabbled in hardware partnerships around the world, resulting in devices such as the Nokia N1 tablet. However, it has concentrated on its infrastructure and networks business, particularly in promoting and building hardware that will enable 5G connections. Why is that important here? Because 5G will push the Internet of Things forward in a way we’ve not seen yet.


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