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Playstation Plus July 2015

Posted by Digital World on 08/07/2015

New games have been released on the PSN Network meaining it's time to delete some space off your hard drive ready for these.

Playstation 4

Rocket League

Rocket League.

This is the one we've been waiting for! Joining the Instant Game Collection on PS4, is the debut of Rocket League, the sequel to Psyonix's extremely long winded titled football/driving hybrid Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars. High speed stunts and gravity defing physics this game is great for playing with friends or alone. 



Styx: Master of Shadows, a stealth fantasy RPG about a goblin.  It says it all really, this game went under the radar slighty but if you like Dishornered, AC games this will be right up your street. 


Entwined (PS4, Vita),  A beautiful game about a bird and a fish that are in love but can’t be together. Learn to guide these two souls simultaneously then unite and transform them into a magnificent Dragon.


Mousecraft (PS4, PS3, Vita) In MouseCraft, players help a group of mice in their relentless quest for cheese, guiding them to their goal by stacking different types of Tetrominos along their path. MouseCraft combines several elements of classic puzzle games to create something completely unique.

Playstation 3


As well as the above mentioned the PS3 will be getting Rain. 

rain™ is the enchanting tale of a boy who embarks on a journey to save an invisible girl from ghostly creatures. Upon entering the world he discovers that he has also become invisible and must learn to navigate through the unknown, using the rain to guide and protect him.

PS Vita

Geo wars

 Vita owners will receive the portable port of Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions. This handheld edition will feature new grids, bosses and more.





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