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WhatsApp to add Callback, Voicemail & File Sending Feature

Posted by Kerrie P on 27/04/2016

In the beginning of 2015, Whatsapp had rolled out the voice call feature for Android and iOS users. With the popularity of instant messaging apps, the revenue from SMS had been decreased enormously for the service providers, this not the case with the voice call feature. Voice calls can be made through Wi-Fi with good voice quality; this is not the same when you are using mobile data.

Now Facebook is counting on Whatsapp with several new features; recently the company added the end-to-end encryption and documents sharing feature. The recent update brought the group calling feature that supports a maximum 16 contacts at a time. Now the latest leak suggests Facebook could bring some more features to Whatsapp. The ‘Call Back‘ feature for iOS and Android devices shows the notification for a missed call with a call back button.

The Call Back feature helps users to dial back without opening Whatsapp. Along with it, the company is also bringing voicemail features for iOS devices. The ‘Record Voice Mail‘ and ‘Send Voice Mail‘ buttons  help to record and send a voice mail during the voice call. The description mentions that these features will be shown during the call. While there is no further information about the functionality of the voicemail feature, we expect the voicemail to record and share in-call audio.

The current version of Whatsapp comes with
document sharing and support formats like PDF, VCF, DOCX, DOCS but Whatsapp will be bringing the ZIP file sharing with the upcoming update where we can compress the actual file that indirectly helps in decreasing the data usage. The Video Calling option that was leaked last year can also be rolled out soon starting with the iOS devices.


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